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Unlike, say, New York City, the Twin Cities metropolis has been tied to the areas outside and beyond it ever since the days that the city milled the wheat of the region's farms. Despite perennial outstate-metro rivalries and battles, Minnesota coheres, and an increasing number of thinkers in politics and planning realize that the various regions of the state will only thrive in communion with one another and with the big and dynamic cities on the MIssissippi. Those two cities, too, have come to realize, after years of jealously held separate identities, that they constitute one urban fabric in two colors.

Regionalism Features

All Aboard: How Urban Train Stations are Becoming Neighborhood Amenities

Smart cities like Saint Paul are renovating their train stations (like the multi-modal hub Union Depot) into neighborhood and urban amenities.

The Creative City Challenge: Public Art with Lasting Influence?

Finalists have been selected for the second annual Creative City Challenge. The winning, interdisciplinary, public-art installation--selected by popular vote this winter--will be open all summer on the Minneapolis Convention Center plaza.

Bogobrush: A Bamboo Objet d'Art for Social Good

Heather and John McDougall, who are siblings, have designed the bamboo Bogobrush, a "buy one, give one" product that provides toothbrushes to people in need.

Throughout the U.S., Public Art Engages Communities and Transforms Neighborhoods

Public art has evolved into an essential element of urban placemaking and social engagement. From murals on vacant buidlings to art in laundormats to temporary art installations that invite public participation, we take a look at public art and how it's changing cities.
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