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Unlike, say, New York City, the Twin Cities metropolis has been tied to the areas outside and beyond it ever since the days that the city milled the wheat of the region's farms. Despite perennial outstate-metro rivalries and battles, Minnesota coheres, and an increasing number of thinkers in politics and planning realize that the various regions of the state will only thrive in communion with one another and with the big and dynamic cities on the MIssissippi. Those two cities, too, have come to realize, after years of jealously held separate identities, that they constitute one urban fabric in two colors.

Regionalism Features

Rail~Volution Recap: The Power of Millennials and Transit Planning in the Twin Cities

The message of this year's Rail~Volution conference in the Twin Cities was clear: To attract and retain top talent in the coming decades, cities must meet Millennials' preferences for effective transit options.

Small Scale, Big Deal: An Innovative Idea Exchange at UIX

"What's next for your city?" That the question Urban Innovation Exchange (UIX) will explore at its first national convening this September 24-26, 2014 in Detroit.

Polar/Hydro Vortexes? The Twin Cities' Perfect Climate for Biking

While it's true that climate has an influence on the extent of nonmotorized transportation from place to place, it's probably not the way you assume. Across the nation, cold-weather locales like ours are nearly indistinguishable from the rest.

IMG Roundup: Pittsburgh's entrepreneurs, Denver's breweries, and more

A roundup of stories across the Issue Media Group Network, including ridesharing, hot neighborhoods and the brewing boom.

All Aboard: How Urban Train Stations are Becoming Neighborhood Amenities

Smart cities like Saint Paul are renovating their train stations (like the multi-modal hub Union Depot) into neighborhood and urban amenities.
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