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Life Sciences

Life Sciences
Life Sciences
The study of life is important to us. Our  heritage of engagement with the land and with natural process expresses itself in the research and development that goes on at the University of Minnesota's Saint Paul ag campus and many other institutions of higher learning, as well as at agribusiness giants like Cargill. The flourishing biotech industry in the the Twin Cities had rather humble, even grim, beginnings--artificial limb companies that catered to  sawmill workers missing an arm or leg. It was a long way from wooden legs to Medtronic and the other companies that have put our towns on the biomed map; the distinguished University of Minnesota medical school and life sciences departments and, of course, the proximity of the Mayo Clinic, helped the evolution along even as these institutions made their own discoveries and advances.

Life Sciences Features

Gluten-Free Beer, Women-Only Ridesharing, Wellness Apps: 10 New Startups That Will Change Your Life

Driven by the seemingly boundless energy of local creatives, community leaders and entrepreneurs, Minneapolis-St. Paul’s burgeoning startup culture shows no signs of slowing down. Here are 10 compelling, life-changing startups to know about now.  

Technology Meets Psychiatry with Local Startup CogCubed

A husband-wife team (he's a techie, she's a psychiatrist) are developing fun-to-play (but scientifically sound) game-style apps that can help diagnose ADHD and other psychiatric problems in kids.

In a Multi-Year Project, Our Native Flowers Sit for Their Portraits

Hive Minds: Urban Beekeeping in High Places

The rooftops of some prestigious locations are buzzing as local institutions hop aboard the global urban beekeeping bandwagon. The idea is to play a role in restoring declining bee populations, with the help of the U of M and some intrepid honey-oriented entrepreneurs.

These entrepreneurs chose the Green Line

It's been an article of faith since Central Corridor light rail (Green Line) construction began that, despite all the disruption and traffic chaos of the building stage, the line would eventually become a magnet for local entrepreneurs. That scenario appears to be playing out; here are three entrepreneurial ventures that were lured to the line by light rail's promise.
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