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Dayton's Bluff

Running from just east of downtown south to the banks of the Mississippi, Dayton's Bluff is steeped in history. It was the earliest upscale neighborhood in the city, the preferred residential quarter for the merchants and bankers who built Saint Paul, and today it's the city's largest historic district. On the bluff itself, Mounds Park enshrines six ancient Native burial mounds, while nearby are the striking new buildings of Metropolitan State University, and Swede Hollow, once an immigrant settlement, today a park. The Swede Hollow Café, perched above the park, serves coffee and imaginative pastries and sandwiches to a loyal crowd.


Askov Finlayson's sold-out North hat

Forget Midwest. We Are North: Repositioning MSP's National Identity for the 21st Century

According to a recent panel discussion, we need to own our cold climate and our ingenuity in order to attract new talent, continue fueling the innovation at the heart of our economy, and create a new and authentic national identity. Shall we call ourselves the North?  

Photo by Micah Taylor/Flickr

Cycling in the Cities: Seven New Local Inventions for Bike Enthusiasts Here and Around the Globe

The Twin Cities is a leader in bicycle use and a major innovator in bicycle design and technology. The seven inventions profiled here have, or will have, an impact on the local and global cycling industry. And the pace of innovation shows no sign of slowing down.    

Shawn Combs Walding, photo by Brian Martucci

Q+A: Shawn Combs Walding, MnDOT's Transit Advantages Coordinator

We recently sat down with Shawn Combs Walding, MnDOT’s Transit Advantages Coordinator for the Twin Cities Metro District to discuss alternative transportation in the Twin Cities, what local entities can do to promote transit use, and how easy it really is to be car-free. 

An Urban Homeworks Team

Rebuilding More than Houses

A pair of determined nonprofits, Minneapolis' Urban Homeworks and Dayton’s Bluff Neighborhood Housing Services in Saint Paul, begin by fixing up damaged, foreclosed, and derelict houses--and then go on to help strengthen the surrounding neighborhoods in many other ways.

Dayton's Bluff and Swede Hollow in the 19th Century

A Line or Two: Hikes and History

In A Line or Two, I share some of my discoveries and enthusiasms as I make my way around the Twin Cities--call it an editor's-note-as-blog-entry. This week: A web site that makes hiking through our towns an exercise in historical imagination.
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