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runners on the Minnehaha byway
runners on the Minnehaha byway
The centerpiece of this large green swathe of south and southeast Minneapolis is Lake Nokomis, one of the largest of the city's famed "Chain of Lakes." Minnehaha Creek, with its walking and running trails and bike paths, winds through it as well. The 48th and Chicago Avenue shopping district is home to the Amazon Bookstore--which was selling feminist books decades before the cyber-Amazon set up shop--and Cafe Levain, one of the leaders in Minneapolis' restaurant renaissance, reborn three years ago in a less formal incarnation.

Nokomis Features

Alley Activation: Pathways to Urban Revitalization

From Seattle to Washington D.C., alleys are being reinvented as people-friendly spaces. Often perceived as dirty and dangerous, alleys are moving beyond garbage and garages to become havens for pedestrians, public art and small business.

Behind the Bicycle Boom

Most of us in the Twin Cities are aware that we've become a great town for bicycling in recent years, but urbanist and author Jay Walljasper--an avid biker for decades--has been digging into the trend to find out the what and the why behind it. In this adaptation of an article he wrote for Bikes Belong, he fills in the story and gives us some impressive facts about the sheer scale and promise of our new two-wheel era.

Videoline: Celebrating the Midtown Greenway

To accompany Jay Walljasper's take on bike policy and bike culture in the Twin Cities, here's a video by Streetfilms that shows just how valuable one of the crown jewels in our bikeway system is--the Midtown Greenway, running more or less parallel to Lake Street from Chowen Avenue to the Mississippi River.
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