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Emerging Technology

Emerging Technologies
Emerging Technologies
The new technologies that have been emerging in the last few decades dazzle the mind with their variety and complexity--everything from genetic engineering to robotics, nanotech to artificial intelligence, hydrogen-economy research to quantum computing. The Twin Cities are supplied with two key elements that favor the development of new tech: large and distinguished institutions of higher learning with well-equipped research facilities, and eager young tech entrepreneurs ready to start a business on a dime. While opinions differ radically on where the local emergent-tech scene is and where it's going, nobody doubts the depth of talent here and the wealth of opportunities to develop it.

Emerging Technology Features

Hank and His Bus: Catalysts for Changing Architectural Education?

Technology Meets Psychiatry with Local Startup CogCubed

A husband-wife team (he's a techie, she's a psychiatrist) are developing fun-to-play (but scientifically sound) game-style apps that can help diagnose ADHD and other psychiatric problems in kids.

Where to charge your car: Electric-car "refueling" stations in the Twin Cities

Charging stations for electric cars are popping up here and there in Minneapolis and Saint Paul. In fact, the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency is working to install up to 76 electric car-charging stations throughout the metro area, adding to an already expanding network.  Here's our guide (a work in progress) to our towns' car-charging infrastructure.

Meet the new face of STEM: Shefali Mehta

A proud "geek girl" from childhood, this globe-trotting scientist-businesswoman founded a local STEM-education program for elementary-school kids, moved away, then returned to find it still going strong. Now she's more committed than ever to strengthening science-and-technology training in our towns.
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Emerging Technology Videos

VideoLine: The first Twin Cities Startup Weekend--tech companies from scratch in three days

Between 7 PM Friday, September 17, and the wee hours of Sunday the 19th, ninety-plus young  entrepreneurs gathered in Saint Paul's CoCo coworking space for the first Twin Cities Startup Weekend, a convivial but very focused tech-a-thon whose goal was to pitch, work on, and demonstrate a tech startup in just three days. It was the first Twin Cities outing for an event that has been happening globally since 2007 in more than 100 cities ranging from London and Lisbon to Tokyo, Tel Aviv, and Topeka.
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