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The forward-looking energy picture in the Twin Cities is complex: while it includes the glamor Greenery-- energy from wind, waves, and other renewables--it's also about retrofitting buildings for energy efficiency and lower cost, conserving energy in small but telling ways in corporate and home settings, and continuing to develop energy sources that are cleaner, if not officially Green, like natural gas; and innovations to make our old energy standbys like petroleum more efficient and user-friendly.

Energy Features

The Challenges of Building "The Essential House"

Architect Daniel Yudchitz decided to design and build a small, sustainable, low-cost, energy-efficient house for himself in Saint Paul's challenged Rondo neighborhood, to demonstrate how architecture could promote urban reinvestment. And then the banks weighed in.

Our next hot neighborhood? Put your money on Payne Avenue

It's weathered industry exoduses and foreclosure--but now the proud old East Side Saint Paul neighborhood is home to a hot new bar/restaurant, Ward 6, that's both a sign of, and a force in, a wider renewal. 

A Recipe for Real Change

Adapted from Bush Fellow Michelle Vigen's blog, Common Spark: a simple (if not easy) process to help organizations turn the good ideas and information with which we're inundated--why we should recycle, bike, eat better, revive citizenship, you name it--into real changes of habit and life.

RangerOnCall: a high-tech tour of the mighty Mississippi

Did you know that there's a National Park right in the middle of the Twin Cities metro? It's long and narrow, and it's called the Mississippi River. The National Park Service and its local ally, the Mississippi River Fund, want you to know more about our stretch of the river. Get your cell phones, tablets, and laptops out.

Target Center's green roof: a prairie in the sky

It's been two years since the green roof on downtown Minneapolis' massive auditorium and sports venue was installed. The Line took a tour to see how things are going and growing.
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