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Union Park

St. Thomas
St. Thomas
This is a complex neighborhood with a bit of everything: plenty of green, leafy streets; a Lutheran university (Concordia), a Catholic university (St. Thomas), an interstate (94), and several bustling business districts, including Snelling-Selby, where there's a clutch of stylish shops that are so Francophile that they hold their own Bastille Day celebration, and Marshall at Cleveland, where a great ice cream shop, Izzy's, shares the street with an eccentric martial-arts-goods emporium.

Union Park Features

Cultural Districts + LRT Stops: A Guide to the Central Corridor's Arts and Culture Hotspots

The Central Corridor is becoming the Twin Cities' new cultural hotspot showcasing local diversity, bringing communities closer together, and boosting economic opportunities.

Serious Java: The Twin Cities' new generation of artisan coffee shops

A handful of local coffee shops are redefining the coffee experience as an art form. From sourcing to roasting, grinding to "latte art," their watchword is quality. If you're looking for quick joe to grab and go, you may need to adjust your expectations upward.

A Line or Two: Five More from My Top-Ten List

In A Line or Two, I share some of my discoveries and enthusiasms as I make my way around the Twin Cities--call it an editor's-note-as-blog-entry. This week: five more of my Top Ten Reasons to Visit (and Love) the Twin Cities. It's a list of offbeat but worthy places and happenings that you might miss if you only visit our big-ticket attractions.

"Our house is catching up with us"--a creative family's ever-evolving Saint Paul home

He's an architect in a hot firm who also builds model rockets and raises African desert tortoises. She's a psychologist. artist, and author. Their Merriam Park house is as vibrant and unconventional as they are. But getting it built  required convincing the neighborhood that they weren't "the enemy."

On a once-stodgy Saint Paul corner, boutiques blossom

Time was when the northwest corner of Snelling and Selby was a meat-and-potatoes kind of locale: A sporting-goods store was there, and a shoe shop and a day-labor place. Then along came developer Ed Conley, who remade two buildings on the corner. The result: one of the city's plus chic shopping destinations, home to a designer handbag shop, hip vintage wear, lingerie, couture, and more. It's a peaceful, colorful touch of European-style savoir-vivre at one of the capital city's busiest intersections.
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